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Drug Addiction Stories

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The goal of this blog is to give the world an insight into what drug addiction is.  The drug addiction stories posted may not always be based on real events, but they are certainly inspired by the challenges, which face a drug addict.  These stories on drug addiction show the pain, suffering, and anguish caused from addiction.  With millions of people addicted to drugs and alcohol, there are millions of true stories about drug addiction that can be written.


Stories About Drug Addiction


Drug Addiction Stories



This blog is dedicated to telling short drug addiction stories, and telling people the real truth about drug and alcohol addiction.  If just one of these drug addiction stories can deter a person from using drugs or alcohol, we will have accomplished our goal.  Every now and then we end up writing drug addiction true stories, which are based on true events.  There is no better drug prevention then hearing it from a person who was once an addict, and now lives to talk about it.


Drug and alcohol addiction can take so much away from a person as seen in these drug addiction stories.  We are motivated to continue telling these stories about drug addiction, and help save the lives of people battling a alcohol or drug addiction.  The blog will continue to publish on a regular basis unique content all related to drug addiction.  The more information that is released to the public about drug addiction will allow the public to make educated decisions about using drugs or alcohol.  We hope you enjoy this blog on drug addiction stories, and look forward to your feedback.


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Drug Addiction Stories

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