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British Columbia Alcohol and Drug Rehab

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How to Search for the Right Rehab Center for BC?

With the demand for drug rehabilitation centers increasing in Canada, the number and types of rehabs available has increased. Unfortunately Vancouver has one of the highest rates of drug addiction and alcoholism of the country. Because of this, the need of rehab centers for the residents of British Columbia has also increased. While there may be many rehab in BC, not all are the same. Here are the major points to keep in mind when looking for the right rehab for you or a loved one:

Is it a natural drug rehab program?

Natural Drug Rehab BC

When investigating drug treatment centers for someone living in Vancouver or elsewhere in British Columbia, find out what types of methods or programs are used for the detoxification and rehabilitation. Remember that some facilities substitute one drug for another, which doesn’t solve the problem, it just shifts it. The body must be completely rid of drugs or alcohol in order to heal properly. A alcohol / drug rehabilitation center that substitutes one drug for another should be avoided.

Do they have trained, caring and professional staff on hand?

Staff at British Columbia Rehab

Many of these people have been through the program themselves and understand every aspect of it—from both sides of the counseling table. The staff should be understanding to the needs of someone going through rehab, but not afraid to show the consequences left behind from the drug and alcohol abuse. Part of treatment is acknowledging the harm done while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Is the atmosphere of the center calming, yet not depressive?

Calm BC Rehab

There should be calming colors and décor and yet not have the feeling of a funeral home. The staff should be understanding, but upbeat. Quitting drugs and alcohol is a good thing and not something to be mourned. Since stress is a big trigger for alcohol and drug abuse, a calming and reassuring atmosphere and surroundings is very important.

Does the center use holistic methodology?

Holistic Rehab in British Columbia

Addiction affect all parts of the addict and it is only logical that in the recovery process all parts are addressed. A holistic rehab program will help the recovering addict to take care the addiction problems related to his or her body, mind and soul so the whole person recover totally.

What is their success rate?

British Columbia Drug Rehab

A rehabilitation centre should be able to provide the numbers that prove their success. Look for a rehab that offers the entire story and not just their own fixed calculations of success stories. There are times when the recovering addict must.

Narconon offers a drug and alcohol rehab program which answers the above qualifications. For over 10 years, people from all walks of life from British Columbia and the rest of Canada, have successfully recovered from their drug and alcohol addiction with our help.

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Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Program

The Narconon program has worked for over thirty years to help patients end their addictions to drugs, alcohol, painkillers, and other controlled substances. The hallmark of Narconon is its ability to create a drug free rehab and drug-free recovery program that frees patients from the fears of substituting anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication, and sedatives for the original drug.

Indeed, Narconon believes that a natural, holistic approach to withdrawal is the most beneficial program for a patient. Once a patient has rid himself of toxins in the body, the mind recovers from its need for addictions and the cycle of abuse ends gradually, permanently. Drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehab, and addiction-ending programs must begin with a withdrawal from the substance in question, often leaving the patient in the throes of anxiety, depression, fear, and substitute cravings.

At Narconon, we do not substitute addictions or leave patients to suffer through these withdrawals, but rather educate patients and help them to understand why the body created the addiction as a coping mechanism. Over time, as the body rids itself of biochemical toxins, we help them reclaim their life by taking control of their body. Through nutritional supplements, exercise, and simply sweating out toxins, they'll be able to speed withdrawal and enjoy life with a new structure of purpose and relief.

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