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The beautiful sights, the wavering winds, and the melodious sound of the Atlantic Ocean brushing against the pale brown sandy beaches paint a beautiful picture of a Canadian province, New Brunswick. A province that is rich in culture, history and landscapes. Its abundant natural resources and vast land help fuel its economy, along with the numerous tourists who visit every year. Recently speaking, the province has concentrated its efforts on attracting new types of businesses and companies, resulting in dozens of communication and technological companies establishing themselves there. The province now describes itself as the "Call Centre Capital of North America."

However, New Brunswick is equally affected by drug abuse and addiction problems as the rest of Canada. A study conducted in the Maritime Provinces demonstrates the preferred drugs of today's youth. The dominant types of drugs used are marijuana (a.k.a. cannabis), stimulants (when not used medically), mescaline and amphetamines.

New Brunswick Drug Abuse

While further analysis of the data will be required to fully identify and understand all of the trends, the survey shows that reported use of alcohol, cannabis and other drugs has increased in Canada over the past decade--with alcohol and cannabis continuing to be the most commonly used drugs.

According to these statistics, there is no significant decrease of drug use amongst teenagers. In fact, 1 teenager out of 2 has smoked marijuana. This is quite worrisome, for although marijuana may not be considered as a "hard drug," it is nonetheless an introduction to the dangerous world of drugs. The situation is getting especially hectic for certain urban regions.

The youth shouldn't be the only ones targeted for drug abuse. The numbers of drug use and addictions simply continue to rise amongst the general population. Several measures are being put in place to counter this increase, but the figures aren't budging.

Saint John high school students are ingesting everything from narcotic painkillers to ecstasy and cocaine, according to a two-year drug-use survey supported by AIDS Saint John and Health Canada.

The two groups hired young people to interview their peers about drug use, and are using the information to educate parents and the health-care system about what can be done about the problem.

New Brunswick Drug Rehab

Researchers say the project was spurred on by figures from AIDS Saint John on intravenous drug use. Seven years ago, its needle exchange took in only 750 needles. That number has shot up to more than 100,000 projected for this year. One of the researchers involved in the project says most parents don't have solid facts about what kinds of drugs are out there. "It's not just marijuana, and maybe some acid. Kids are really getting into heavy drugs like dilaudid; a lot of young people are abusing pharmaceutical drugs." The Project co-ordinator says students in Saint John can even get their hands on ecstasy and cocaine.

She is also the executive director of AIDS Saint John. She says aside from educating parents, project results will be used to help further address problems of drug use among young people.

"Once we've completed our evaluation we're certainly going to share that information with hundreds of contacts. And I think also just as important it will tell us where our next project needs to be."


Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Program

The Narconon program has worked for over forty five years to help patients end their addictions to drugs, alcohol, painkillers, and other controlled substances. The hallmark of Narconon is its ability to create a drug-free rehab and drug-free recovery program that frees patients from the fears of substituting anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication, and sedatives for the original drug.

Indeed, Narconon believes that a natural, comprehensive approach to withdrawal is the most beneficial program for a patient. Once a patient has rid himself of toxins in the body, the mind recovers from its need for addictions and the cycle of abuse ends gradually, permanently. Drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehab, and addiction-ending programs must begin with a withdrawal from the substance in question, often leaving the patient in the throes of anxiety, depression, fear, and substitute cravings.

At Narconon, we do not substitute addictions or leave patients to suffer through these withdrawals, but rather educate patients and help them to understand why the body created the addiction as a coping mechanism. Over time, as the body rids itself of biochemical toxins, we help them reclaim their life by taking control of their body. Through nutritional supplements, exercise, and simply sweating out toxins, they'll be able to speed withdrawal and imbue life with a new structure of purpose and relief.

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