How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs

First and foremost it is important to be educated about drugs yourself. This site and others can provide you with information as well as the books and materials the Narconon International offers. There are many other resources available, including several government websites that provide basic drug information, current news, and study results.

Also important is how you talk to your kids. What has never worked in any drug education is to tell a person something from an authoritative viewpoint. As soon as one starts in with that approach, the child will immediately tune the person out. A better approach is to ask them questions and then provide basic, true information.

One can just ask “What have you heard about drugs that is good?”

At this point it is very important for the parent to simply listen to the child’s response without interrupting them. Give them your full attention, no matter what they say, be patient and listen carefully.

When they have finished telling you the good things they have heard about drugs, we have found it is best to just say “thank you” or “I understand” to the communication they just gave you. This helps give your child confidence that they can talk to you and that you are interested in what they have to say. It’s like having communication with your best friend, only this one happens to be your child.

Now that they have told you what they heard that was positive about drugs, it is time to get them the correct information. The objective is to give the child correct information so they can make sound decisions on their own. We have found that when young people are given the accurate information about drugs their attitude about them changes and they make their own decisions not to use them. Their own solid decision will carry them a long way.

When providing them with information, ensure that they fully understand it. Consult their understanding and ask for an example of what they have just learned. If they ask a question that you can’t answer, it is important that you are honest with them and don’t try and make something up. Use the opportunity to work with them to find the answer.

Honesty, patience and good communication are the key to Talking to your Kids about Drugs. Getting their questions answered will help ensure they make the right decision not to use drugs.

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