Husband of Narconon Graduate
Robert H.

My wife had a history of drug addiction and alcoholism. And she began to act strange and it was pretty obvious that she was into something.

I actually confiscated some pills that she was getting. And I have two young daughters, which really complicated the problem. There was a period when she was drinking and she was showing up at the children’s functions, drinking.

When Mary Jane, my daughter, was an infant, I got a phone call from the state police asking me if I was the father of Mary Jane. That was tough. Everybody was okay, but she had gone into a ditch. That was a—that was a bad night.

It was just stuff like that all the time. There was no security whatsoever in our lives. I lived with a feeling of impending doom.

My wife’s sister Maggie is the one that brought up Narconon to me. She said to me, “Your children deserve a living mother.” That’s what turned me to use Narconon.

After she finished the program, I could leave and go to work and not have a fear of that phone call. I didn’t get the phone call. That’s the only way you get rid of the fear—if you did some time and you don’t get the phone call and your children don’t call you up and tell you that mom’s on drugs or something.

The first Christmas after she got out of Narconon, it was a typical Christmas. It was just such a relief.

She’s back like the woman that I married, who is a funny person. She’s out, you know, she’s back cutting up with the clerks at the stores. Just about everywhere she goes, they remember her. And I’m now referred to as “Donna’s husband.” She looks so much better and it’s just like I got the girl back that I married.

Making the decision to send her to Narconon was the best thing that I ever did, for our family, for my marriage and for my personal happiness.

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